Interior Historic Home Preservation in Tampa, FL

In addition to our exterior historic home preservation services, we provide our clients with a full suite of interior historic home preservation and restoration services. Restoring original, historic wood flooring is one of our most popular and oft-requested services. And many historic home owners find themselves facing challenges with plumbing or air conditioning or ventilation issues.

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A/C, Ventilation, and Indoor Air Quality

Cool and ventilate your living areas with modern technology that keeps you comfortable while not compromising the architectural integrity of your historic home.

Carpentry and Woodwork

Pro Historical provides skilled carpenters with expertise in your homes wood construction. From porches and siding, to cabinets and trim, trust our specialists with your homes woodworking needs.


Pro Historical provides licensed electricians with experience in providing power solutions for your historic home.

Historic Wood Flooring

Tongue & groove wood floor repair, refinishing and restoration.

Interior Design

Interior and Exterior Design services to appropriately display your homes historic charm while expressing your personal preference and creativity.

Interior Painting

For a job that is going to last for decades, trust the professionals at Pro Historical for all painting and coating needs. Get a paint job that will protect and preserve the beauty of your home.

Residential Plumbing

Pro Historical provides both service plumbers as well as intricate plumbing solutions that do not require invasive demolition to your historic home.

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