We’re different because we believe that preserving and restoring historic homes is more than just a business or a service. It’s a conservation of days past to help usher in new memories, new moments, new joy.

We’re passionate about ensuring historically-designed and constructed homes can thrive for decades to come.

It’s because of those tightly-held beliefs that we make sure the right people are on the job for every one of our clients. Our clients come to us because they want craftsman-level attention for their historic homes in Tampa. For our clients, big box store solutions won’t cut it for their precious properties. And we ensure our clients’ properties get an artisan’s touch… every step of the way.

We’re different because we believe in tackling the urgent items first and offering suggestions for updates or projects for you to consider in the future.

We’re different because we work with our clients to develop custom-crafted proposals that meet their needs. Our Preservation Plan is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how we’ll approach our clients’ needs and goals, how we structure contract and payment terms, and what items we feel they should consider for down-the-road projects that will help preserve their historic home.

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