Historic home preservation in Tampa, FL

We believe in providing our clients with the historic home preservation plans that suit their needs.

Rather than overwhelming you with a list of services you may not want or need, we properly inform you of urgent items, listen to your desires, and craft suggestions that are best-suited to your unique, historic home.

First, we focus on your needs

What service does your historic home need? Historic homes are often subject to decades of neglect, which could leave you as the current resident with a list of things needing urgent repair. Pro Historical provides the services to keep your home safe and strong, ready to shine for another century.

Then, we bring your dreams to fruition

Thinking about a new bathroom or kitchen, or maybe an extension to accommodate your lifestyle? Would you love to see your historic wood floors or original windows restored to their former glory? We would love to talk about the long-term goals for your home and see what kind of budget is necessary to make your historic dream home a reality.

And we help with any small projects along the way

Whether its just a fresh paint job or cleaning up your landscaping to better showcase your property, Pro Historical would be happy to help you take that first small step in protecting and preserving your historic home.

Get Started

Discover how Pro Historical can help provide you with lasting solutions for your historic home. Request a quote or connect with us. We’d love to offer you time-tested care for your time-honored home.